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Welcome to JC's Lab the fanlisting for Manimal, a short lived TV series created by Glen Larson. This fanlisting is approved by

Manimal on DVD

Manimal will be released by Fabulous Films on DVD 30th April 2012.

No art work is available yet but you can pre-order a copy at

About Manimal

Manimal was a short lived 'crime' based series where the lead could turn into an animal to help solve the case - cheesy but fun

This series stared Simon MacCorkindale as Jonthan 'JC' Chase as the main lead with Melody Anderson playing Brooke Mackenzie as a dectective who JC helped out frequently they were both backed up by Michael D. Roberts as Tyrone Earl (played by Glynn Turman in the pilot) - JC's best friend and assistant. Due to budget constraints JC turned into a black panther and a hawk most often.

Manimal was cancelled after only 8 episodes

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